We offer professional training, consulting and counseling services to help empower, equip, and support individuals, couples and families. 

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Individual, Couple, and Family Counseling Services




      • Anxiety

      • Depression

      • Anger & Rage Issues

      • Self Esteem

      • Relationship Issues

      • Marital Difficulties

      • Parenting Issues

      • Attachment Issues

      • Adoption Issues

      • Family Conflict

      • Trauma

      • Coping Skills


• Divorce

• Internet Addiction

• Abuse & Neglect

• Adjustment Issues

• Peer and Sibling Conflicts

• Codependency

• Behavioral Difficulties

• Learning Difficulties

• Developmental Concerns

• Grief and Loss Concerns

• Separation and Divorce

Testimonial: “I can not put into words just how much Steve has helped me with the struggles I've had, due to my trauma. Because of the treatment, and his help, I have been able to process the tragic events in my life and move forward to what will be a better life for myself and those closest to me. I would recommend this style of treatment for anyone who has trauma, a desire to heal, and to live a healthier life. I pray anyone who comes to Steve for help will be blessed during their time with him just as I have.” -G.S.

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