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Steve Jackson, LMFT


I believe that one of the greatest power and influence in our lives is our relationships with other human beings. It is from relationships that all of our trauma, negativity, and heartache originate; however, it is only through relationships that we can also find true healing for prior wounds that continue to determine present actions and emotions. The difference in these two kinds of relationships is honesty, vulnerability, and reciprocity: a mutual connection that cultivates intimacy and acceptance by removing shame and anxiety. It is only through these authentic relationships that we can truly feel complete and secure in our own skin.


Are you ready to take the first step to experiencing the freedom found in healthy relationships with others? If so, I want to work with you to help you overcome the trauma of your past in order to deepen your current and future relationships so you can live your life to the fullest. I strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment in which you can be genuinely known, understood, and valued so that, together, we can uproot negative core beliefs and unhealthy coping strategies, while affirming positive ones in their place.

My primary work is with men, couples, and families who are wrestling with depression, anxiety, anger, self-doubt, and unhealthy behaviors. If you are ready to be courageous, even in the face of exploring many dark places within your past, then I would like to walk this journey with you. I want to embolden you to make sense of these dark places so you can see how they play a part in your present circumstances, then guide you to the answers that I believe are already within you. My place in this process is simply to be there for you while helping you discover what those answers are and to encourage you along the way.



“Steve has equipped my wife and me with the tools necessary to handle the inevitable conflict and tension that arises navigating marriage with three young children. His emphasis on emotion-centered therapy has opened new avenues for my wife and me to connect and engage one another, which has created a more nurturing and loving environment for our family to grow, both emotionally and spiritually. Steve proved to be a great blessing to our union, and for that, we are very grateful.” - A & K

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