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Family Counseling


There is an old saying that says if you let fear drive you, it will drive you to the place you fear the most. As a parent, many times this statement seems all too true, and the harder you strive to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for your child, the further away your child feels. Anger, disrespect, entitlement, and addiction are barriers that can prevent the entire family from cultivating a loving atmosphere essential to healthy growth, resulting in pain, resentment, fear, and hopelessness. You may not even be aware of how these negative emotions and behaviors began, but if you are concerned about your current family dynamic and want to promote a necessary change, family counseling is an effective path to take.


Family counseling instigates healthy relationships by providing a comfortable environment in which everyone feels accepted, respected, and safe. This safety stimulates in an overall feeling of worth in who each member is individually and what he or she brings to the family collectively. These 

emotions can then lead to authenticity and vulnerability with one another, where the root of the problem can be identified. Once you understand the source, your family can focus on correcting subsequent negative behaviors, and true healing and reconciliation can begin.

The key is forming new, healthy identities within the family unit and learning how to facilitate and maintain open communication. To achieve this, it is necessary to create a space free from judgment that encourages acceptance and

affirmation, removing defensiveness, so you can make sense of how each person’s previous experiences, relationships, and trauma might be affecting the family at large. Once this is done, we can establish the correct balance of structure and nurture your family needs.


If learning these skills is of interest to you, I would be honored to work with your family to help form a happier and healthier family system.


"My 17 year old son and I met with Steve to work on some relationship issues. There had been many contributing factors to cause stress to our situation, including divorce. We were having trouble communicating and in frequent battles with every day scenarios. We both carried a lot of anger and neither of us were dealing with issues in a therapeutic way, actually quite the opposite. Our sessions with Steve were so healing for my son and I. Steve addressed the issues in a very professional and creative way. He allowed us to break down some walls and to be able to see things from each other's perspective. He created a sense of hope and peace within our relationship. We discussed issues in a non-threatening atmosphere, with a neutral party guiding us. I am extremely thankful for Steve's interventions. They allowed a very broken relationship to get onto a healing path, one that we continue to work on daily, but with much better skills. He truly was a God send to our family. " -C Family

“The past affects the future...   but it does not have to      

  determine it.” –Karyn Purvis

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